Intercultural Education and the Rigors of a University Curriculum


The article outlines a moderator’s experience in guiding a group of university lecturers engaged in developing the curriculum for an Intercultural Education university course or module. The goals of this training endeavor related to both activities that took place in the classrooms of the PRO DIDACTICA Educational Center and tasks the course participants fulfilled individually or in teams at their own respective universities. The lecturers had a lot of freedom – they could choose the models they wanted to follow or opt instead for the development of their own innovative concept; they were also free in their choice of specific subjects. One of the most valuable acquisitions of these training workshops is the fact that as a result we created and consolidated a community of teachers who shall work together in conceiving and implementing curricular products. The potential writers of curricula and teaching materials have examined several versions of competence taxonomies and will now decide which of these suits their circumstances best. Methodologically, the training sessions were based on constructivist pedagogy and the RWCT strategy.

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